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RFP: Q & A

Vendor Questions

Last day for RFP questions from vendors: October 2, 2015.

RFP Section

Questions & Answers

Date Answered

General Questions Q: Is there any opportunity to demo our solutions to your team? I have some ideas on the Lead Capturing solution and it’s hard to convey it just by the proposal. 
A: Due to the fact that the committee members are from various universities across Ontario and they are currently travelling the province recruiting students until mid-November, it’s unfortunately not possible to get everyone together for a demonstration before the RFP is due. Our suggestion is that you consider submitting a demo video of your solutions with your proposal. We hope this compromise will suffice.
October 1
Section 2 – System Requirements:
Event Registration System Requirements – 8
Q: I just completed the review of the RFP and there is 1 requirement there that we void of. Because of the nature of how Streampoint conducts business globally, our objective is to provide a extremely robust and redundant solution where our infrastructure is hosted on the cloud.
This could solution for us sits on a US server in 2 locations. I know one of your requirements is to have the servers hosting in Canada and this is something we do not comply with.Does this need disqualify us from the RFP?
A: The server needs to be in Canada. If you are unable to comply with this‎ requirement, your submission will not be considered.
September 23
Section 2 – System Requirements:
Event Registration System Requirements – 10 and 11
Q: Concerning the OWASP compliance, this is very broad, what are the specific guidelines that concern you the most? What proof of compliance or effort to be compliant need be provided?
A: The OUF-SC takes the protection and privacy of registration data seriously and requires that any website used for registration and/or servers used for this data are following the best practices for privacy protection.
The OUAC does not have specific OWASP guidelines that we can share. If your organization has any proof of completing a successful penetration test on its software, that would suffice. If you don’t have any sort of proof, then please provide enough evidence that proves you’ve followed current security best practices, which includes serving the system over SSL. OWASP regularly produces a “top 10” list of what they consider to be a broad consensus about what the most critical web application security flaws are. At minimum, the OUF-SC would expect that your organization address the items on this list that apply to your system.
September 18
Q: Does the registration system need to be compliant before the project starts? Can the registration system work on becoming compliant immediately after they have been selected as the registration vendor?
A: It would be in the best interest of vendors to have a registration system that meets the requirements of the RFP, as this will be taken into consideration as part of the evaluation.
September 18
Section 2 – System Requirements: Other Requirements – 24 Q: If I have understood correctly, we are to provide each exhibit booth with a bar code scanner.
1. Will it be possible to offer additional/upgraded services directly to exhibitors? They would pay directly for these add-ons.
2. Would it be of interest to offer the option of a bar code scanner or an app for use on smartphones and tablets?A: The OUF-SC anticipates multiple scanners per booth, not a single bar code scanner.
1. It would depend on the upgrade, provided institutions offer a similar experience at the booth for the visitors. Vendors are able to include this information in the proposal. Acceptance of these services would be at the discretion of the OUF-SC and participating institutions.
2. The OUF-SC would like to avoid the use of personal devices for data collection and would prefer that these devices be provided by the vendor and returned to the vendor, post-show.
September 18
Q: On page 5, it is indicated, “ability to scan bar codes, printed on paper or displayed on mobile devices”. Does this mean that not all participants will have a printed badge? Scanning could be problematic as the technology (and state) of the individual’s phone is not controllable (participants with older phones, cracked screens, etc.).
A: The OUF-SC anticipates that some users may not have a printed bar code, particularly if they register using a mobile site. Vendors are asked to offer solutions that may include scanning a bar code displayed on a mobile device. A comprehensive plan for on-site registration is also required, should visitors wish to register on-site (using a mobile website) or print a bar code at the show.
September 18
Section 2 – System Requirements: Not in Scope for Registration System – 3 Q: Under the section “Not in Scope for Registration System” (page 6), point #3 states “Creating and distributing registration badges and printed event materials.” Does this apply only to #2, which mentions speakers? If so, these people will not have badges and thus cannot be scanned in the exhibit, nor at conferences?
A: Printed event materials (brochures, schedules, etc.) are not required by the vendors. On-site brochures are printed by the OUF-SC. Registration badges, including the registrant’s name and personal information, are not required. Should a visitor register on-site at the show, the printed material should only include the visitor’s individual bar code, not their personal information, such as name or any other identifying information.
September 18
General Questions Will statistics of the 2015 event be made available? Are there statistics for 2014 available? More specifically:
1. Number of registrations onsite (new registrations)

2. Traffic flow per hour, with peak hours indicated? (This gives a better understanding of system, personnel, and hardware requirements).
A: The OUF-SC can send 2015 attendance numbers per day and overall attendance following the 2015 event; however, the breakdown of traffic flow will not be available for OUF 2015 until after the RFP is due. The 2014 statistics are posted below.

1. The OUF has never required registrations in the past; that number is not available.
2. OUF 2014 Hourly Traffic Report [PDF] – This PDF breaks down the traffic for each hour of OUF 2014.

September 18
Q: Will you make an overall budget range available? This aids in understanding your expectancies.
A: There is no overall budget range provided as the OUF-SC and participating institutions, being unfamiliar with technical possibilities, does not wish to limit proposals. However, overall cost will be taken into account when evaluating all proposals.
September 18
Q: I will be attending on September 26. Should I register myself, and will there be a scheduled opportunity to meet with any of the organizing team?
A: No pre-registration is required for you to attend. A tour will be given to all vendors, beginning promptly at 11:00 a.m., on Saturday, September 26. Please meet Deanna Underwood at the Show Office (Room 802A) in the South Building of the MTCC (222 Bremner Blvd., Toronto, Ontario). Please note that the OUF will be very busy on this day at this time and you will have to wait in line. Be sure to give yourself extra time. If you encounter any issues, please phone Deanna at 226-218-1974.
The tour should last about an hour, and will be a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the site, on-site registration and any other elements of the RFP.Reference: See the OUF website, specifically the FAQs, which answers many questions about parking, etc.:
September 18
Q: We have gone through the proposal requirements and we will need some help for the onsite component. Is it okay if we share this with one of our clients who can cover that aspect of the proposal?
A: Yes. If a vendor wishes to sub-contract services for this RFP, all details should be included in the proposal, including full costs. Vendors submitting proposals for this RFP are also responsible for all work provided for the show, including those of sub-contractors.
September 18